Connecting Families to Culturally Competent Support

Our goal is to end the stigma of Autism Spectrum Disorders in communities of color. We are devoted to building efficacy and to empower families in order to lessen their isolation. Support African Americans who are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Our Story

In 2008 my son was diagnosed with ASD and I struggled to get the correct services for him.

Once services were found I had to fight for the services that were available. I was forced to leave my career and care for my son living off my savings and retirement (which I would do all over again, if I had to).

As I made my journey, I found few organizations that supported African American families with children on the autism spectrum. Because of a lack of support I found there were huge disparities in the African American community. Many misdiagnosed and undiagnosed African American children in at risk communities end up in the criminal justice system each year. I made a promise that once I got a handle on our situation I would help others.

In March 2009 The Color of Autism was founded.