The Color of Autism Foundation Programs

Current Programming

Spectrum of Care
A program that focuses on building efficacy within the Autistic Community. We build a strong foundation within families by providing support, training, advocacy and panel discussions focusing on empowering Parents/Caretakers to become their child’s first and best advocate.

Parent Advocacy Training

The Color of Autism Parent Training covers an array of topics facilitated by professionals.

Our classes meet on Saturdays at 11AM EDT for 6 weeks beginning on April 10, 2021 and ending on May 15, 2021. Once enrolled, attendance for all six weeks is required to receive a certificate of completion.

Our goal is for you to become your child’s first teacher, best advocate, and to share what you’ve learned with your community! An Informed Community is an Empowered Community!

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Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups help children learn, develop, and practice how to communicate develop new friendships, acquire problem-solving skills, gain control over their emotions, and pay attention to others in 1:1 and group settings. Social skills play a role in building relationships and increasing independence across all learners. The primary objective is to help learners increase function according to the expected behavior from their age group.

Our group will meet 1x a week starting in April 2021. Prior to group’s start you will be required to complete a readiness assessment. Please click the sign up button to complete the form.

Community Training

This training partners law enforcement with teens and young adults on the spectrum. They train together, learn about one another, and work on projects together. The desired outcome is to forge organic relationships and create better insights about one another.

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Social Justice Training and Advocacy

Peer Support and Advocacy
The Color of Autism provides ongoing Peer Support to individuals and families in need of support and targeted advocacy. We conduct Town Halls, Special Webinar events, Cooking, Fitness, Social Groups and Support Groups.

Youth Peer Support Training
Advocacy, social justice from a systems, community and legislative lens

Our programs create goals for community outreach, legislative agendas and presentation for community partnering within schools, juvenile justice and other systems that support, train, treat Black/AA Youth with Autism and participate in task forces, initiatives and events for Social Justice, Improving systems and empowering Black/AA Youth on the Autism Spectrum.

Our Impact

The Color of Autism Foundation is a non-profit, dedicated to addressing the needs of underserved families affected by autism spectrum disorders. We serve as the connecting thread by connecting families to services and other families building a spectrum of care within communities of color.

Since our inception, we have provided resources and services to thousands of families through programs centered on health and human services, education and awareness, and outreach and advocacy.