The Color of Autism Foundation Programs

Current Programming

Spectrum of Care
Programming that focuses on building efficacy within the Autistic Community. We build a strong foundation within families by providing support, training, advocacy, and panel discussions focusing on empowering Parents/Caretakers to become their child’s first and best advocate.

Inroads to Efficacy

Employment disparities have long been researched, tracked, and documented between individuals living with disabilities and individuals living without disabilities. Those living in underserved communities continue to report high unemployment rates. In underserved communities there are few programs that create inroads to meaningful employment.

Our Program

  1. Establish three registered apprenticeships.
  2. Expand Workforce options for youth ages 14-21 through Pre-Employment Transition Services through collaborative efforts our local public school system’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
  3. Improve employment prospects and job search skills for post-secondary autistic/neurodivergent students through career mentorship program and the development of stronger linkages between career services and disability services offices.
  4. Demonstrate the impact of post-secondary career mentoring programs that connect local business professionals with current post-secondary autistic and neurodivergent students.


Men of Color/Caretaker Support Group

Lead, Love, Elevate (LEEP!)

A free, confidential, enlightening, and educational SUPPORT GROUP for Black/African American Men who Parent/Co-Parent Children on the Autism Spectrum. Meeting held virtually every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month beginning July 15, 2021.

Social Justice Training and Advocacy

Peer Support and Advocacy

The Color of Autism provides ongoing Peer Support to individuals and families in need of support and targeted advocacy. We conduct Town Halls, Special Webinar events, Cooking, Fitness, Social Groups, and Support Groups. Currently Virtual

Youth Peer Support Training

Advocacy, social justice from a system, community, and legislative lens
Our programs create goals for community outreach, legislative agendas, and presentation for community partnering within schools, juvenile justice, and other systems that support, train, treat Black/AA Youth Autistics and participate in task forces, initiatives, and events for Social Justice, Improving systems and empowering Black/AA Youth on the Autism Spectrum. Currently Virtual