The Color of Autism Foundation Programs

Current Programming

Spectrum of Care
Programming that focuses on building efficacy within the Autistic Community. We build a strong foundation within families by providing support, training, advocacy, and panel discussions focusing on empowering Parents/Caretakers to become their child’s first and best advocate.

COA Culturally Responsive Parent Training

At COA, we recognize the importance of cultural diversity in the autism community. Our Culturally Responsive Parent Training is designed to empower parents and caregivers with culturally tailored resources and insights. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of how culture intersects with autism and access strategies that honor your family’s unique background. Together, we’re bridging the gap to provide the best support for your child’s needs while celebrating the richness of cultural diversity.

COA Parent Support Group

The COA Parent Support Group is your go-to place for connection, understanding, and guidance. It’s where parents and caregivers of children on the autism spectrum come together to share experiences, access resources, and build a strong community of support. Join us to connect with others who truly understand your journey and gain valuable insights to help you and your child thrive. Together, we’re here to empower and uplift each other on this remarkable path of autism parenting.


COA Black Father Support Group

Our COA Black Father Support Group is a safe and empowering space for Black fathers to connect, share, and support each other on the journey of parenting children on the autism spectrum. This group provides a platform for valuable discussions, resources, and community-building, ensuring that no Black father walks this path alone. Join us in creating a supportive network that celebrates the unique experiences and strengths of Black fathers within the autism community. Meetings held virtually every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.